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Cardio Renew

Endocrine Nutrimens

Hormonal Support

Raw Materials Needed for Optimal Support
30 Capsules

Hormones are produced by the endocrine glands of the body that in turn affects organ function. Through a complex signaling mechanism of the nervous system, hormone producing glands regulate organ function which directly affects cellular metabolism, respiration, reproduction, sexual development, sugar regulation, mineral balance, heart rate and digestion. Hormones affect everything including our energy level, sex drive, mood, and even help shape our perception. The organs must work in concert with the endocrine system for the body to function properly.

As we mature from puberty through adolescence to maturation our bodies often require additional endocrine support not provided by the modern diet. Supplementation of hormones is achieved by either hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or by specialized nutrition. Hormone replacement therapy, although effective, requires close monitoring of various levels of hormones and often requires the introduction of additional therapy to readjust those hormone levels to bring the body back into balance. As conditions change due to age, stress, or nutrition deficits, the hormone replacement therapy requires additional blood work and adjustment.

Nutritional support for optimal endocrine function allows the body to regulate hormonal production based upon the body’s daily requirements. This natural approach requires ingestion of the raw materials that the glands use to manufacture hormones. Nutritional support, as contrasted with HRT, allows the body to self- regulate hormonal production. Endocrine Nutrimens™ provides optimal, all natural nutritional support for hormonal production without the need for additional adjustment or constant monitoring.

Supplement Facts

Dosage and Use:
As directed by your healthcare professional, take one (1) or more capsules in the morning with water.

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Endocrine Nutrimens
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